Zoe- portrait

Final shoot for portraits!

Make-up Camilla Bell, Hair- Gemma Holiday, Clothes- Danielle Bussell, Model- Zoe Cullum

Great shoot, a bit rushed for time by the end and whilst we were on a roll but got some great images. The clothes were designed and made by Danielle Bussell a fashion student at NUCA.

would love some feedback on them!

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Minimal Style

It’s been a while since I have added new photos. Been busy working on uni project which is ‘landscape, still life and portraiture’ the aim is for the work to appear similar in style. My direction for this project has gone very minimal with an emphasis on design. I still have yet to decide final images as I still have a few more shoots to do.
Make-up Camilla Bell, Models Amber Raven, Becky Greenacre and Meg Duffield. Clothes designed and made by Chana Watson, Danielle Bussell

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start of minimalistic fashion

I am currently basing my portrait side of the project on a minimalist style. I am looking for models for future shoots in the next few weeks, please contact me if interested.

Hair shoot city location

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This was a fun a shoot, bit pushed for time as we began shooting at 6.15. Gemma Holiday was doing hair, and Melissa Abel doing make up. Model is Linsey Gorham.

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